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19th century Ersari ensi with complete kilim end. 4'4" x 6'6" or 132 x 198cm. Wonderful natural dyes with no tip fading. ... read more
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Genje or Karabagh Rug, End of 19th Century. Fantastic juxtaposed floral border reminiscent of Seljuk motifs. All good colors. Excellent ... read more
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Antique Middle Amu Darya Torba. 1'1" x 3'2". Gorgeous colors with the dyrnak gul in the middle of the main guls. Missing ... read more
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18th century West Anatolian Uşak rug Fragment Size=175x110 cm
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Anatolian Muhacır (Manastır) Stripet kilim 19th century. Size=260x154
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Aymara man's ceremonial poncho (ponchito). Before 1825. Altiplano region of Bolivia. This is a soulful old piece with deep, rich ... read more
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Sumak bag in exceptional condition - complete with closures - 1/2 of the set. Some metal wrapped thread used. All dyes are ... read more
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Antique, turn of the century, Afshar rug. 5'6" x 4'9" or 145 x 168cm. Close to a square with full pile and ... read more
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One of the rarest Shahsavan sumac large panels in perfect original condition, the design is extremely rare and the colors are absolutely ... read more
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Absolutly gorgeous, antique mint pile Gharadag/Shahsavanh bag with soft and shiny wools, all colors are natural and has fine weave, bargain price
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Magnificent complete Shahsavan sumac bag, great design awesome color combination and outstanding bargain price. It has extremely fine and tight weave.
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Antique Baluch chanteh. 1'0" x 1'0" or 31 x 31cm. It's a finely woven piece with an interesting main gul and full ... read more
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Antique Baluch Rug
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Antique Khamse Rug Bagface
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Size : 165 x 360 cm, East Anatolia kilim
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Hashtrud or Miyaneh Shahsavan Saddle Bag Face, 3rd to 4th Quarter of the 19th Century. Reverse soumak techninque with single warps ... read more
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Persian Afshar Rug circa 1880 size 108x135 cm
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Major Single-owner Auction: The Marsh Collection, June 27, 2021. An outstanding collection of 152 carpets and trappings from the estate of Dr. ... read more
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Uzbek Tartari saddle bag 149x45cm complete. a perfect example of double interlock wave technique. Beautiful range natural colors including green, light blue, ... read more
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Beautiful antique kashmir jamawar stripe shawl in excellent condition fine colour it measure 107 inches by 50 inches . 9 feet long ... read more
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Amazing antique kashmir jamawar shawl in very good condition it measures 113 inches by 54 inches . 9.5 feet long . ... read more
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Exceptional antique kashmir shawls in excellent condition it measures 116 inches by 53 inches . 9.8 feet long 4.5 feet wide ... read more
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Antique Anatolian Kilim
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Tibetan lama hat, very rare one, it is the fifteenth century Tibetan famous Gelug school lamas in the religious ceremony of the ... read more
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Tibetan butterfly horse saddle, about mid Qing Dynasty. Orange background with snow mountain lion veins. Good age and condition. Size 120*74cm(
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Central Anatolian Aksaray City Ihlara village.sofra kilim. a hand praying for blessings. there's wear in the area shown in the picture. Size 305x206
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Shirwan Kuba rug fragment. Unlucky, flooded rug, but still powerful.
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Antique Chinese embroidery purse, made from 2 child's rank badges, buzi, 5th civil rank silver pheasant, several embroidery techniques including feather stitch ... read more
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Antique chinese carpet in very good condition. Washed and ready for domestic use. This piece is all original, full pile without dameges, ... read more
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Karabagh circa 1920. Some loss to the ends and a small amount of repair. 201 x 119cm 6'7 x 3'11
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Bergama area blue and red cuval/storage bag back face. Cm 70x122. Blue & red are fantastic. a wreck, but a great wreck. ... read more
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Bergama area orange and green cuval/storage bag back face. Cm 61x112. Orange and green are simply fantastic. Wear, holes, tears, not ... read more
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Beautiful and big Malayir Kelleh (approx. 476cm x 206cm) as found condition, very dusty, some wear but complete and original, excepted an ... read more
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