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This large coca bag is a superb example of a type identified as belonging to the Maitas-Chiribaya Culture of Northern Chile. ... read more
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European textile, size: 77*40 cm
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Antique Turkmen Teke Torba, 4'3" x 1'5" ft. excellent condition.
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Pre-Columbian belt or sash. Size: 3.5 x 88 inches. Supple and complete. Probably South Coast Nasca region, Wari period. ... read more
price:  $600
Baluch rug, bahluli tribe ? , 157x88cm
Ottoman embroidery , turban cover , 90x85cm
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Incan period bag with separately woven pendant fringe. Native repair made in ancient times. Blue cotton bag with alpaca fiber ... read more
price:  $650
Beautiful Antique Persian Isfahan Rug, ca. 1920 212 × 134 cm (6' 11" × 4' 4")
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a fine Kazak rug, South Caucasus. The abrashed deep rust field with various angular floral motifs and hooked panels around double hooked octagon ... read more
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Beautiful Antique Persian Saruk Mohajeran Gallery Size Carpet, ca. 1900 423 × 220 cm (13' 10" × 7' 2")
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Antique Caucasian Kuba Small Rug Size:80x70 cm
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Antique Ladik Prayer rug, dated a.h. 1230 ( 1815 ce); 3’7” x 6’5” Woven a relatively long vertical shape, this Ladik features the ... read more
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Bidjov Kuba Caucasian prayer rug m, ca. 1880; 3’6” x 5’4” / 106.7 x 163 cm Indigo field with numerous totemic creatures, and ... read more
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Antique Shirvan Karagashli Caucasian rug, ca. 1870; 4’ x 7’ / 122 x 213 cm Three multicolored hexagonal diamond medallions and red-palmette finials ... read more
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Central anatolia ,Konya . dm for detailed information!
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Belutch Persian, knotted circa in 1918 antique, 116 x 196 cm, carpet id: HM-9 The black knots are oxidized, the pile is ... read more
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Heriz Persian, knotted circa in 1890 antique, 72 x 242 cm, carpet id: HM-5 The knots are hand spun wool, certain places the ... read more
price:  CHF 650.-
Early ottoman silver embroidery sirma tapestri catholic europeen starboard 65 x 36 cm
Antique Ottoman Textile size 2'1" x 1'2" Ft.
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Bijar rug, 19th century. Vivid colors, abstract pendants with rings of colors and human and small animal figures littering the field. ... read more
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Antique beluch yastk 93 x 54 cm
large moghan runner 3' 7" x 13' good condition original klim ends on both ends some reweave on the oxidaded brown and ... read more
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Burmese heirloom Shawls: Three very old shoulder cloths “hti paun” for women from a Chin subgroup (Khami, Khumi or Mro) living in ... read more
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Antique Anatolian Adana Kilim Size 176 x 325 cm
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sale continues with this lovely antique Ersari beshir ikat design trapping from the late 19 c size 138 x 43 cm. Great ... read more
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Classic Baluch star bag. Old, worn, at least one highlight with cochineal silk. The 4eal deal. 2'10"x2'2"
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Baluch balisht or poshti with a hexagonal repeat rarely seen in this small ilongated format. Vibrant red, 2 blues, 2 purples, 2 ... read more
price:  $500
“The balance of power is the scale of peace.” (Thomas Paine, 1737-1809). Khersak, woven by Lurs of South Persia, 19th century. Ultra ... read more
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Figurative Antique Balinese Box: Carved from Jackfruit Wood. Wondrous figures and creatures.
price:  150USD
19th century Baluch rug. Original ends and sides. Field is in good condition with oxidation. Good pile. 2'10" x 5'1" or 155 ... read more
price:  $320, domestic shipping included
Late 19th - turn of the century, blue ground Baluch prayer rug. An old one with complete kilim ends. 2'10" x 4'4".
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sw Persian Face 25.5" x 19" not including fringe
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Arab Baluch rug, very jazzy, about 3x5ish, open right.
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Navajo kilim, complete wool, size: 72*53 cm.
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Antique Jaf-Kurd Bag (2' x 3'3"ft) or (60 x 98 cm.) great range of colors, all are natural dyes, professionally hand washed ... read more
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a very gorgeous swedish kilim Dated 1929 Size 84×59 cm Good age and good condition Contact for more info and Price.
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