Two fragments from an 18th. century Khotan main carpet: one fragment in good condition with high pile; another distressed. Each ... read more
price:  ON REQUEST
nice cushion cover for a palanquin. it is complete in size , the back side was originaly made without border. the 3 ... read more
very nice yellow ground 18th century chinese silk and paper-gold brocade panels. china, qianlong era.
Mongolian Rug, woven in the short dimension,full pile, 19th. century,46'' x 23''.
price:  ON REQUEST
sold - thanks! +++ Chinese Ningxia / 18th c. / 134x190cm / one hole
a good Khotan carpet with lovely fresh dyes and soft shiney wool, some wear, but easily fixable having its original selvages and ... read more
price:  SOLD thanks
Ning Hsia, horse settle cover with two tigers on the ends. Very good condition. Original piece. End of 19 century. Publisehd in the ... read more
price:  EUR 3.500,--
chinese rug with possibly some taoistic background as it possibly depicts an old well known legend; laozi leaving china to the ... read more
rare ningxia altar rug ca 150x 60cm, china first half 18th c.
price:  SOLD
Fine East Turkestan Kotan fragment. This is a beautiful and fine fragment of Chinese East Turkestan carpet. It's well traveled and experienced ... read more
price:  SOLD
ningxia square with 4 lion-dog (shizigou) design, a popular design since the 18th, but this piece belongs to the oldest of this ... read more
price:  SOLD
finely woven ningxia horse cover (used!), china first half 19th c.
price:  bargain level
wheel medaillon ningxia square with nice wool, good yellow and nice light blue. condition and charisma visible. china around 1800.
price:  bargain level
a beautifull early ningxia mat. nice wool and colors. china, mid 18th century. 55x 65cm
price:  sold
Mei-Fu Li minority, Hainan Island, South China. Back-strap weaving loom with carved wood and bamboo components that show ancient totems and ... read more
price:  -sold-
Dong minority textile from Guizhou province, Southwestern China. Indigo cotton supplementary weft weaving on cotton foundation. Woven in 3 panels and joined ... read more
price:  US$370
'Maonan' Minority (Tai-Gadai linguistic group) Guizhou/Guanxi province, South West China.Wedding bedcover,(dowry piece),woven in sections,silk and cotton supplementary weft/'false embroidery' on cotton foundation.This ... read more
a Tu Jia blanket from Hunan province, China. Cotton foundation with cotton supplementary weft design in two loom-width panels. Original indigo blue ... read more
price:  US$450
An indigo padded winter jacket for daily use, from Guangxi province, Southwestern China. Cotton, with cotton padding. 19th Century. 134cm x 73cm. This ... read more
price:  US$260
'Tu-jia' Minority, Songtau county. Guizhou province, South China, Womans tunic. Silk embroidery on satin base with cotton indigo lining Est.early 20th century.
price:  SOLD
Mongolian official horseriders waist pouch.Silk and cotton embroidery on cotton, and cotton velvet, with indigo cotton linings.Est. late 19th century.
Antique Chinese square. Old. Very worn. Summer cleanout. 30" x 33"
price:  SOLD
very rare ningxia saddle rug. the roundels are depicting a qilin (the chinese unicorn) and a phoenix. some classical rugs representing ... read more
price:  sold
2'8"x5' Peking chinese in good condition, circa 1920. Item number 5053
price:  350.00
Chinese Rug , 120 x 60 cm
price:  P.O.R
interesting small rug from the inner mogolia, most probably from the chifeng area. the colours are not all natural, there is some ... read more
price:  340us
nice ningxia square in very good condition with high pile. nice wool and colour, the red wood color is slightly corroded. china ... read more
Fresh to the market early 19th century Chinese small rug. Worn strip across middle visible in photo. Badly in need of a ... read more
price:  SOLD
This chinese rug probably dates 1900-1920. The darker purple-blue is slightly corroded in the corners otherwise the rug is in generally good ... read more
price:  $275
chinese impererial silk velvet carpet fragment, not im imperial condition! seems to have been mounted and used as a saddle bag. good ... read more
price:  sold
Spectacular Chinese K'ossu silk banner. Late 17th to mid 18th century. Center is in good condition, but the outer border is frayed ... read more
price:  SOLD
very nice old cotton panel from the miao peoples. indigo reserve technique, one small patch in the central panel. china, yunnan province, ... read more
chinese alter FRONTAL Origin & Date: China, Circa 1900 (?) Size: 41 inches x 37 inches. Condition: fragile, fugitive threads and silk panels. Red silk ... read more
price:  P.O.R
nice applique panel from the yi peoples, cotton and silk outlining. china yunnan province, early 20 century. 63 x67cm.
wonderwull embroidered silk panels. these 3 panels are fragment of a daoist priest's robe. the green panel is depicting a daoist priest ... read more
a rare wedding blanket made of 2 strips of silk woven with supplementary weft. tai group, xiengkhuang province, lao. early 20th
Antique Chinese silk embroidery in original frame, 39 x 31 cm.
price:  on request
s/n:i1004 antique mongolian rug 1.34 x 0.66 m (53in.X 26in.)
s/n:i1005 antique mongolia rug 0.85 x 0.49 m (33in.X 19in.)
finely woven ningxia square. velvety pile, very nice yellow-blue balance. china. late 18th c. 65x 68cm.
price:  SOLD
Tai Mao Tube Skirt : Tai Mao is one group of Tai language speaking ethnics. They live along Mao River that stretches ... read more
price:  USD600
Ningxia Chinese Square, Early 19th Century A meditation mat, perhaps removed from a long strip of similar mats used in a monastery. Lovely ... read more
price:  P.O.R.
Chinese Textile, Qing dynasty, 265 x 175 cm.
price:  On request
very finely woven ningxia small rug . very good condtion, colors and wool. china. first half 19th c. 104x 62cm
Large antique Chinese gold embroidered textile dragon approx 2 1/2 x 9 1/2 feet. In as found condition, looks to be an ... read more
price:  $1500
antique Chinese fragment 26 x 36" showing coins, good feng shui, soft & silky, light wear, edges surged (see back), no other ... read more
price:  $300
antique chinese ningxia throne back in very good condtion with lustrous soft wool. the top of the mountain shows rarely this ... read more
price:  sold
late 18th c, chinese ningxia mat with for butterflies design in the center.
Carpet with lotus flowers NingxiaAlg Northwest China Qing Dynasty, Kangxi period (1662-1722) 257 x 180 cm (8’5” x 5’11”) Alg 770
price:  POR
Open field carpet Peking Northern China circa 1900 405 x 388 cm (13’3” x 12’9”) Alg 1225
price:  POR
Rug with leafs and blossom palmettes Ningxia Northwest China Qing Dynasty, Kangxi period (1662-1722) 180 x 135 cm (5’11” x 4’5”) Alg 276
price:  POR
s/n: n0099 Ninghsia antique rug 0.70 x 0.64 m (28in.X 25in.)
Chinese robe early 20th century; excellent embroidery and condition;length 4ft.SOLD
finely woven chinese ningxia square with well drawn 5 dragons design, background tan-red color corroded, around 1800.
price:  sold
Chinese Ning Hsia Square with a floral roundel. Great border system. 3rd quarter of the 19th cen. Size = 2'7" x 2'8". ... read more
price:  SOLD
Ning Hsia, Sitzplatzteppich, um 1870, 59 x 61 cm
price:  400 €
32" x 70" 18th Century Ningxia
price:  P.O.R.
18th Century Ningxia seating square.
price:  SOLD
Chinese carpet 8 by 9 Most unusual design, has the handle of an old Peking.Blackish Browns are oxidized.
price:  SOLD
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