emt133 This antique chinese hat would have been worn for festival by a Yi ethnic minority girl (woman) from the Honghe ... read more
No.R097 * Chinese Antique Beijing Saddle Rug,Size: 75x142cm(30"x56"). Origin: Beijing.Background Color:Woodred.
No.M30 * Chinese "Geometric Design" Gansu Rug-Carpet .Size: 120x157cm(3'11"x5'2").Origin: Gansu. Shape:Rectangle
No.R115 * Chinese "Flowers" Rug-Carpet .Size: 154x176cm(5'1"x5'9").Origin: Baotou. Shape:Rectangle
No.R116 * Chinese Antique prayer Rug (p'ulo-thigma).Size: 61x106cm ( 24" x 42" ).19/20th Century.Origin: Baotou-Suiyuan. Shape:Rectangle.
No.R127 * Chinese Antique Rug , Size:57x108cm(23"x42").Origin: Baotou-Suiyuan.Shape: Rectangle. Background Color: Blues
link This Peking Chinese Oriental Rug measures 9’2’ x 11’9” (280 x 362 cm). It has a navy blue field with an ... read more
price:  $8500.00
tc232 Antique Chinese fan case with intricate embroidery on each side
price:  sold
No.R133 * Chinese Khotan "Mosque" Prayer Rug , Origin: Xinjiang-Khotan. Shape: Rectangle. Size: 66x112cm(2'2"x3'8").
No.R077 * Chinese Antique Ningxia Mat-Rug,Age: 19th Century Size: 62x62cm( 24" x 24" )x2. Origin: Ningxia Shape: Square.Background Color: Woodred.
emt156 This old Chinese Miao ethnic minority child's hat is thickly padded for winter wearing. The red silk fabric with ... read more
price:  $250
emt #150 This was the traditional jacket used by girls of the Yi Chinese ethnic Minority. Girls wore this style ... read more
Rare old Shui ethnic minority baby carrier is from Gui Zhou province China. The upper section is elaborately embroidered using mostly satin ... read more
This lovely old panel is from a Chinese Miao Ethnic Minority baby carrier. Embroidered with a very intricate flowing pattern using ... read more
Antique Chinese Miao Ethnic Minority wrap belt, home spun yard, hand dyed and woven, approx 100+ years old. Rare piece. ... read more
price:  SOLD
a charming old Ninghsia fragment
price:  sorry sold
Lovely silk embroidered rondel cut from an antique 19th century Chinese robe. Intricate satin stitch depict 2 figures in the center surrounded ... read more
tc375 This antique Chinese silk textile wall hanging is embroidered with mounted soldiers carrying banners across a mountainous terrain. Silk background ... read more
price:  POR
#emt 139 Chinese Miao Ethnic Minority Embroidered and Batiked Woman Festival Jacket This jacket top was the traditional hand made costume worn by ... read more
price:  price on request
m113 Mongolian Altar cloth. i acquired this textile in my early travels through China. Utilizing all couching embroidery technique on ... read more
price:  on request
Chinese Miao Ethnic Minority blanket panal from Huang Ping. Approx 35 years old and excellant condition. Home spun cotton fabric ... read more
price:  please ask
early west china pile fragment with wavy weave and showing the famous central asian pulo design. early rug with this design are ... read more
early chinese throne-back, has pile, hole and missing. tiny bit great charisma.
Chinese Ningxia-Mat, 19th century, Good condition, Natural colors, High pile, Size: 63 x 62 cm.
price:  SOLD
No.A0012 * Chinese Antique Ningxia Mat-Rug,Age: 18/19th Century Size: 63x61cm( 25" x 24" ). Origin: Ningxia Shape: Square.
chinese peking circa 1900 good condition size : 274 x 334 item no. 92
nice executed 18th century ningxia square with memlinglizing center. note the integration of the corner design in the border, quite unusual. great ... read more
No.CL013 * Chinese Antique Ningxia Mat-Rugs.Size: 66x66cm(2'2"x2'2") x 2. Origin: Ningxia. Shape: Rectangle Material: 100% Wool Woven: Hand-knotted.Background Color: Blues.
fragmented chair back, china. truly old bold dynamic drawing, older than most. tiny fragment, great charisma.
No.R111 * Chinese Antique Rug , Age: 19/20th Century. Size: 69x133cm(27"x52").Origin: Baotou-Suiyuan.Shape: Rectangle. Background Color: Whites.
circa 8th century silk samite textile fragment with paired birds in pearl roundels. Central Asian / Sogdian. apx. 10"x16"
price:  SOLD, thanks
19th-century Chinese Excellent condition Size: 109 x 278 cm item no. 6
price:  rugrabbit note: Please do not list images sideways or upside down. Thanks!
19th-century Chinese Excellent condition Size: 147 x 188 cm item no. 5
Pair 19th-century Chinese Excellent condition Size: 37 x 112 cm Each one ITEM no. 4
19th-century Chinese Excellent condition Size: 70 x 165 item no. 3
19th-century Chinese Excellent condition Size: 57 x 82 item no. 1 size 55 x 143 item no. 2
No.R075 * Chinese Antique "Egrets + Lotus" Rug , Age: Late 19th Century. Size: 62x132cm(24"x52").Origin: Baotou-Suiyuan.Shape: Rectangle. Background Color: Blues.
18th c chinese ningxia pillar rug of an unusual small size ca 130cm high. worn areas mostly to the back ground color but ... read more
No.R129 * Chinese Antique Saddle Rugs,. Age: Late-19th Century. Size: 60x125cm( 24" x 49" ). Origin: Baotou-Suiyuan.
Ningxia Chinese Square with frets.
price:  POR
Extraordinary Ningxia Throne Back showing a white elephant with saddle-cover, 18th century,30'' x 26''(76 x 66cms)
price:  ON REQUEST
Rare Ningxia seating mat, 18th century, 28'' x 26''(71 x 66cms)
price:  ON REQUEST
Chinese Ningxia Square with central roundel and magic mountain border. Classic flowers, butterflies, etc. Good condition with recently restored ends. size is
price:  POR
graet ningxia mid 19 mint 228/242 never touch.very decorativ rug
tiny fragment great charisma! silk brocade fragment from the late ming era with crane roundel. strong imagery refering to long life ... read more
16th c silk brocade fragment. ming era china.
tibetan monastic fragment made of 15th century chinese silk brocade with a wonderfull design...
No.D00013 * Chinese Antique Mat-Rug,Age: 19/20th Century. Size: 36x36cm( 14" x 14" ). Origin: Baotou-Suiyuan. Shape: Square.
No.Lu47 * Chinese Antique Mat-Rug,Age: 19th Century Size: 58x61cm( 23" x 24" ). Origin: Baotou-Suiyuan Shape: Square.
Lisu Opium Scale. Cm 20x8,5. Approx second half 19th century. Box made of teakwood, scale made of brass The Tibeto-Burman group called Lisu ... read more
price:  pls ask
Chinese Ningxia Rug, Imagery of abundance, medallions with birds and fret-dragon corner pieces in keeping with the aesthetics of Qianlong era, (1735-1796). ... read more
price:  SOLD
No.A0008 * Chinese Antique Ningxia Rug-Mat(Fragments). Age: 18/19th Century.Size: 70x70cm (28"x28") . Origin: Ningxia Shape: Square. Material: 100% Wool Woven: Hand-knotted. Background ... read more
No.R134 * Chinese Antique Rug-For the Sedan Chair. Age:Early 20th Century.Size: 84x116cm(33"x46").Origin: Baotou. Background Color: Blues,
No.A0005 * Chinese Baby Saddle Rug,Late 19th Century.Size:61x87cm(24"x34"),Origin: Baotou-Suiyuan.cotton/wool. Shape: Rectangle. Blues colors
No.A0006 * Chinese Antique Old Beijing Rug . Age:Early 20th Century.Size: 66x129cm(26"x51").Origin: Beijing. Shape: Rectangle. Background Color: Camels,
No.A0004 * Chinese Antique Old Beijing Rug . Origin: Beijing. Shape: Rectangle Age:Late 19th Century.Size: 66x129cm(26"x51") . Background Color: Camels, All vegetable ... read more
price:  Sold
No.D8788 * Chinese Ningxia squares Rugs-Runner(Fragments),Age:18/19th Century.Size: 63 x 240cm( 2'1" x 7'10" ).Origin: Ningxia Shape: Rectangle. Material: 100% Wool Woven: Hand-knotted.Background ... read more
No.D008 * Chinese Baotou Saddle Rug,Origin: Baotou .Age: Early-20th Century..Size: 62x130cm(24"x51").Shape: Oval. Material: 100% Wool Woven: Hand-knotted Background Color: Blues .
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