1920 Luri rug that is in nearly perfect condition Unusual and beautifully executed in all wool and organic dyes. The top fringe ... read more
price:  Negotiable
Handmade antique Persian Kurdish rug 2.1' x 2.9' ( 66cm x 90cm ) 1900s - 1c367
price:  $360
Tabriz - In very good condition. 460 x 320 m.
price:  2900 Eur
Pollock? Bakhtiari! Lovely modern abstract painting by the Bakhtiari tribal group. This is a wonderful sumack mafrash long panel. Cm 50x60 ca. ... read more
price:  please inquire
Lovely Afshar bagface with meaty floor, 67 x 65 cm
Very long antique Persian Zand kilim from West-Persia, size: ca. 480x113cm / 15'8''ft x 3'7''ft , age: circa 1920
price:  750 Euro + shipping
Antique camel ground Persian Sarab runner, very decorative. Size: ca 500x100cm / 16'4'' x 3'3''ft
Handmade antique Persian Mashad rug 8.7' x 11' ( 265cm x 335cm ) 1910s - 1b461
price:  $4900
Fine Narrow Heriz runner, circa 1920. 2'8" at the widest point by 10'7". Full pile.
price:  GBP £2,800 GBP
Bakhtiari mafrash end panel. Cm 50x60 ca. End 19th, early 20th c. Wool, cotton. Lovely drawing with all those "dancers"? Rare, unusual ... read more
price:  please inquire
Antique Shahsevan Runner Rug Full condition All Colours Natural Size.320x104 Cm
price:  Por
#7336 Bibicabot Antique Persian Rug 11’0″ x 17’0″ This circa 1920 antique Persian Bibicabot Oriental Rug measures 11’0” x 17’0” (335 x 517 ... read more
Red Bakhtiari saltbag/namakdan. Cm 48x54. end 19th c. Flatweave, sumack, pile. Rare and beautiful. Lovely natural colors. Super madder red and deep ... read more
price:  please inquire
#7334 Antique Serab Persian Rug Runner This circa 1880 Serab runner measures 3’8” x 13’5” (115 x 410 cm). It is an absolutely ... read more
Senneh rug, 191 x 130 cms., ca. 1900. Very good condition and pile, without any wear. No repairs done. Endings complete and ... read more
price:  Sold, thank you
Antique Persian Bidickabat Gallerie Carpet wonderful colors and excellent condition all original size 5,10x2,10 cm Circa 1900-1910
price:  On Request
Persian kashan 2 pices size:87x72-cm good price ask
price:  Ask
Antik Heriz size 405x250 cm beatiful border , worn som plaises , som holes Sold
Persian Farahan Wagireh size~20x20cm
Bakhtiar rug in full pile condition, 188 x 140 cm. Fine weave and meaty. One patch at a side ( see pict. ... read more
price:  Sold, thank you
Afshar small rug, great gem, 121 x 89 cm., ca.1900. Woolen weft and warp, no repairs, all natural dyes. Last two pictures ... read more
price:  Sold, thank you
Northwest Persian Fragmand carpet circa 1820 or 40 Size 206x101 cm
price:  Por
Isfahan, 206 x 131/141 cm., ca. 1900 in perfect, unrestored condition. Fine weave and a floppy handle. All natural dyes, endings secured. ... read more
price:  Sold, thank you
Attractive antique Bakhtiari Gabbeh rug 218x152cm in very good condition. More Info:
price:  POR
Antique Persian Heriz rug of good size, with traditional design. link Size: 12ft 4in x 3ft 7in (377 x 109cm). Circa 1900/20. The runner ... read more
price:  Please contact for further details
Handmade antique Persian Sultanabad rug 9.10' x 13' ( 303cm x 396cm) 1880s - 1b458
price:  $7900
Dorosch Persian circa 1910 antique. Collector's item. Size: 200 x 130 (cm) 6' 7" x 4' 3" carpet id: K-186 High pile, ... read more
price:  On request
Kirmanshah Persian signed and dated 1291 = 1874 antique. Size: 344 x 286 (cm) 11' 3" x 9' 5" carpet id: ... read more
price:  On request
Birjend Persian signed circa 1920 old. Size: 356 x 272 (cm) 11' 8" x 8' 11" carpet id: P-6278 Certain places the ... read more
price:  On request
Early 20th century Jajim, striking piece, approx. 8' x 6'
price:  On polite request
Bakhtiari double bag with kilim backside. The backside is as beautiful as the front. The bag might be made by a mother ... read more
price:  sold
Persian Afshar rug. Wool on cotton. Circa 1900. Size: 48" x 57" - 123 cm x 145 cm.
price:  O.R.
Persian Isfahan painted block printing. Flkoral design with handloomed cotton backing and edging. It still has most of the wax on it. ... read more
price:  O.R.
Handmade antique collectible Persian Malayer bag face 1.2' x 1.5' ( 37cm x 46cm ) 1900s - 1c361
price:  $325
mint condition fereghan sarouk small rug -fullest pile best quality - 28x 38 inches -look for my marasali listing also....
price:  ASK
Antique Shahsavan piled rug with very nice colors including a beautiful purple. 19th century, size: 325x145cm / 10'7''ft x 4'8''ft, very nice ... read more
Tabriz Persian circa 1920 Semi antique, Size: 399 x 295 (cm) 13' 1" x 9' 8" carpet id: P-24 The black color ... read more
price:  On request
Manzandaran Jajim circa 1880 with beautiful organic colours with original quilted backing. Approx 8'0" x 6'0"
price:  Sold, thank you
19th c Persian Jajim with all the colours of the rainbow, in perfect condition. Large size approx. 240 x 240cm
price:  £575 GBP + shipping
8.4x12 Antique persian sarouk blue background fine weave no patches original size no dry rot
price:  3000
Antique Persian Kolyai / Hamadan rug, size: 200x125cm / 6'6''ft x 4'1''ft
price:  250Euro + shipping
Axe head, Luristan area, Western Persia. Bronze. c. 1200-800 bc. 3-3/8" (8.5 cm) high, 8.25" (20.8 cm) wide. This elegant bronze axe ... read more
price:  On request
Mahal Persian circa 1915 antique. Size: 293 x 202 (cm) 9' 7" x 6' 7" carpet id: P-5996 The background color is ... read more
price:  CHF 3'640.-
Karadja Persian circa 1910 antique. Size: 338 x 91 (cm) 11' 1" x 3' carpet id: K-3870 Geometric design with 7 ... read more
price:  CHF 1'600.-
Totemic Afshar pile bag face. Cm 33x50. End 19th c. All natural dyes. Lovely, small & beautiful. Outstanding piece. Ex collection bf.
price:  please inquire
a fine pair of antique Persian Keshan Poshtis. Age: circa 1920. Good condition. Size: ca. 65x55cm each / 2'2'' x 1'8''ft
Antique Persian Bijar carpet of small medallion design with excellent natural dyed colours throughout. link Size: 12ft 6in x 8ft 10in (382 ... read more
price:  Please contact for further details
Farahan Persian circa 1900 antique, Size: 411 x 109 (cm) 13' 6" x 3' 7" carpet id: K-4081 The pile is slightly ... read more
price:  CHF 2'400.-
427 x 175 is the size of this antique bidjar in fair condition. This is a Persian kordi important Bidjar kelley. Beautiful design and ... read more
price:  Sold/in MILAN Venduto
Mahal Persian circa 1920 semi antique. Size: 280 x 189 (cm) 9' 2" x 6' 2" carpet id: P-6005 The pile is ... read more
price:  CHF 2'070.-
Tabriz Persian circa 1920 semi antique. Size: 305 x 201 (cm) 10' x 6' 7" carpet id: P-4677 All over floral ... read more
price:  CHF 980.-
Serap Persian circa 1910 antique. Size: 340 x 110 (cm) 11' 2" x 3' 7" carpet id: K-3248 The background is knotted ... read more
price:  CHF 1'400.-
Tabriz Persian circa 1915 antique. Size: 390 x 292 (cm) 12' 9" x 9' 7" carpet id: P-5868 All over Herati design, ... read more
price:  CHF 3'050.-
Bidjar antique Main rug fragment, amazing survival form an area rug. still has pile and great condition. Circa : antique - size ... read more
price:  O.R.
Persian Handpainted and block printed textile Size:175x139 cm / 5'9"x4'6"
price:  On Request
Antique Persian Ziegler carpet of scarce design and colour. link Size: 17ft 1in x 12ft 0in (520 x 366cm). Circa 1870/80. The carpet ... read more
price:  Please contact for further details
Lovely Afshar Mother & Daughter design rug 51 inches by 86 inches. Ivory field with soft rich colors.
price:  Ask
Mahal Sultanabad Persian circa 1910 antique. Size: 373 x 253 (cm) 12' 3" x 8' 4" carpet id: P-1643 Good condition, fine ... read more
price:  On request
Antique Lavar Kerman 1'10''x3' Saddle Bag? Fragmented..
a complete Kurdish/Northwest Persian Khorjin with an uplifting color palette. a recent local find. Gorgeous wool and excellent condition. Great aubergine, greens ... read more
price:  SOLD
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